Tamiko Nishimura was born in Tokyo in 1948. After graduating from Tokyo Photographic College (now Tokyo Visual Arts College), she embarked upon four years of travels across Japan, from 1969 to 1973. She explored the regions of Tohoku, Hokuriku, Kanto, Kansai, and Chugoku, drawn to certain places by scenes from films or phrases from songs.

Looking back over my images, I think about the existence of photography, how it speaks with the accumulations of the life-force continuing from time immemorial, of my own experiences, subconscious encounters, the memories I’ve lost, my subjects and the moments I snapped the shutter, the visions that took shape before me…. I guess I’ve been drawn to what lies beyond the union of seer and seen, wanting to give shape to things that fall apart soon after they’re photographed. Or perhaps it’s the ineffable attraction of the unseen. Only lately, very faintly, do these things occur to me.

Tamiko Nishimura 2012

Excerpt from Yearnings, afterword to the book Eternal Chase


 Solo Exhibitions

1975   “Harbor Town”, Tokyo Photographic College Gallery, Ochanomizu, Tokyo

1980   “Towns: Tokyo”, Ginza Nikon Salon, Ginza, Tokyo

1981   “Towns: Northern Provinces”, Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Shinjuku, Tokyo

1982   “Dancer, Konohana-no-Sakuyahime”, Konishiroku Gallery, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

1983   “Music: Conductor Otomo Naoto”, Minolta Photo Space, Shinjuku, Tokyo

1998 "Shikishima”, Taka Ishii Gallery, Otsuka, Tokyo

2000 "Shoukei”, Studio Ebis, Ebisu, Tokyo

2001   “Vent calmoso”, Tokyo Photographic Culture Center, Akasaka, Tokyo

2004 "Tanka Zekkyo: Fukushima Yasuki”, PlaceM, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2005 "Vent Calmoso”, PLACE M, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2006 "Tamiko Nishimura Exhibition”, I-Gong Gallery, Daejeon, Korea

2009   "Shikishima”, Flying Books Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo

2009   “Shikishima”, Gallery Sokyusha, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2010 "Existence”, Kumagai Morikazu Art Museum Gallery, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

2012 “Eternal Chase”, Billiken Gallery, Aoyama, Tokyo 

2014   "Shikishima”, Zen Foto Gallery, Roppongi, Tokyo

2014 “Eternal Chase”, TOKI-NO-WASUREMONO, Aoyama, Tokyo 

2015 “Kittenish…”, Zen Foto Gallery, Roppongi, Tokyo

2015 "Existence”, TOKI-NO-WASUREMONO, Aoyama, Tokyo 


1973    "Shikishima”, Tokyo Shashin Senmon Gakuin (Tokyo Photographic College)

2005    "Vent Calmoso”, Sokyusha

2005    "Fukushima Yasuki Tanka Zekkyo", Choeisha

2011    “Existence”, grafica

2012    “Eternal Chase”, grafica

2014  “Shikishima" (new edition with supplement), Zen Foto Gallery

2015    “Kittenish…”  Zen Foto Gallery