Mind’s Eye, whose aim is to search for and bring to light conceptual links between mathematics and photography, is pleased to announce the publication (in French, the English version is in preparation) of its second notebook, on Sets and Photography. Written by Roland Assous and Adrian Bondy, it contains photographs by Édouard Boubat, Robert Doisneau, Gilbert Garcin, Mario Giacomelli, Harry Shunk and János Kender, and Neal Slavin, as well as a photographic portrait of mathematician Georg Cantor. It may be purchased by all members of Mind’s Eye for 10€. The first notebook, on Numbers and Photography, available also in English, is on sale at the gallery for 12€. Both notebooks are in numbered, limited editions.
To accompany this notebook, the current exhibition, entitled WYSIWYG, presents sets of photographs of nine or twelve elements, and also singletons. The pair {Dan Hayon, Adrian Bondy} will be delighted to welcome you to the gallery to discover these photographic sets.