Born in Ishinomaki in 1939, Shōkō Hashimoto studied photography at Nihon University in Tokyo, along with Takuma Nakahira and Kazuo Kitai. In the early seventies, he began a series of photographs on the goze, blind female musicians who traversed the country, winter and summer, in order to subsist. For the ensuing book, published in 1974, he was awarded the Young Photographer's Prize of the Japanese Association of Photography. The goze photographs were also shown in a 1974 exhibition at Tokyo's National Museum of Modern Art. At about the same time, Hashimoto recorded the daily life at Nishiyama Onsen, a rural hot spring. This work, which appeared originally in Asahi Camera, is  the topic of a recently published book. In addition to these two projects, Shōkō Hashimoto has produced many portraits of poets, made a series of photographs on the river Kitakami, and another on the region ravaged by the great 2011 earthquake in eastern Japan. He was twice nominated for the Ihei Kimura Prize.


1939 Born in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.

1963 Graduates from Nihon University, Art Department, Photography Section.

1974 “Goze” published by Norasha, for which he receives The Japan Photography Association Newcomer Award.

Goze” selected in “15 Photographers” exhibition at Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art.

1977 “Kusamura” exhibition at Shinjuku Minolta Photo Space. Nominated for Ihei Kimura award.

1982 Nominated again for Ihei Kimura award for work in Asahi Graphic magazine on Masuji Ibuse, Shohei Ooka and Gan Tanigawa.

1986 “50 Modern Poets” published by Recruit.

1997 Series “Portraits of Tanka Poets” in “Asahi Tanka”.

2004 Series of “Haiku poets” in “Haiku Kai”.

2004 Begins photographing series “Kitakami River with a Trailer” for Higashi Nippon Broadcasting Company 30 Year anniversary.

2005 Resulting “Great River of the North” programme wins third place in competition among 36 Japanese broadcasting companies.

2005 “Kitakami River” published by Shunpusha

2011 Starts photographing the disaster areas of the Great East Japan earthquake centred around home town of Ishinomaki. Resulting book published by Shumpusha in 2014.

2013 “Goze” exhibition at Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo.

2014 “Goze” exhibition at Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo.

2014 “Nishiyama Onsen – Empire of Nakedness” exhibition at Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo.