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John Claridge  70's New York

After Out of Shadows (2014), The Hardest Game (2015), East End (2016), The Miners (2018) and A Vision of India (2019), John Claridge takes us on a journey to 1970’s New York, to the rough and tumble of its street life, the confusion of its factories, tenements, shops, signs and other structures, a gritty living entity.

The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition book of some 140 photographs. Each book comes with a numbered, signed 18cm x 23cm print.









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Christian Poncet   Metropolis

I have been practicing pinhole photography for more than 20 years, during which time my work has been mainly focused on aquatic landscapes, seas, lakes... all of which are smooth and flattened by the long exposure times imposed by the camera obscura. This process, imperfect and random, allows me to transcend reality and gives my images a poetic and dreamlike dimension.

With this series "Metropolis", born two years ago, the setting has changed but the intention is the same, consisting here in transforming the urban space into a strange world, between dream and science fiction. A world where reality fades away to create a wispy, undefined atmosphere. The human presence, part of a meticulously prepared staging, gives the measure of the immensity of the space while plunging us into a distant but familiar illusion.

This work is also for me the culmination and meeting point of my two photographic practices - pinhole and street photography.                                                                       Christian Poncet





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Philippe Gabel   Après-demain, demain sera hier

It is often said of the photograph that it fixes an instant forever, that it stops time and freezes a moment of life. But here, as I lost myself in the procession of Philippe's photos, what struck me instead was this backwash of moments. Sitting before th slide show in the half-light of this cabin, I had the impression of being immersed in a plurality of lives, in a swirl of moments.

I saw time at work, a scene taking place before our eyes - as if the 'before' was still alive with its discernible stigmata, the 'after' left to our imagination. Far from being a fixity, it is a 'present' in motion that is visible and, moreover, one that allows itself to be seen. This time, this movement that emanates from these photos, is life itself!

 From a print, be it a photographic print or a digital image, a profundity emerges, a relationship between the subject or subjects and Philippe. The inexpressible transcends and creates movement, that impression of plunging into a 'before' that endures here and now, at the very moment of the observer's viewing.

 From "The day after tomorrow, tomorrow will be yesterday" there resonates, in mirror image, the sensation that the day before the day before yesterday is in its own future a today. This is how Philippe's photos are a 'today', a 'present' that seems to be in motion and that echoes yesterday, the time when he pressed his finger so that that moment would live on. And it still does so!

Joséphine Constantin




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Pham Viêt Sĩ   [En]prise

An exhibition of portraits by the French-Vietnamese photographer Pham Viêt Sĩ, who died in 2005, portraits of children, adolescents and women, as well as several self-portraits. All are imbued with a slight tension, a vulnerability, a skin-deep sensuality. There is an uncommon delicacy in these portraits, a tender and indefinable vision.

I walk on a beach, in the inextricable melee of bodies: an immense impulse that swells their flesh and mine. I walk in front of them: they were simply there and now I look at them. They would like to smile at me or speak or sometimes scream, something that would bend the silent line of our gazes. I cannot answer: I am in silence, in nothingness. I look at them and do not see them: I know the fragile mask that contains me. The click of the shutter releases this immense wave that submerges me, and pushes into my body what I was looking at, irremediably. I come out of the coma, I see people again. The memory of what I have just photographed is not an objective vision but the impossible mosaic of a dream: my gaze. I can leave again.

                                    Marseilles, 2 August 1981. Pham Viet Si




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Colette Pourroy   Rouge était sa couleur

This new series by Colette Pourroy (the third part of her family saga, on her mother) was exhibited last summer at Galerie Huit in Arles on the occasion of the publication of her book by André Frère Éditions.

The shadow of the absent father that traverses the first series, the fear and phantoms that surface from the series on her sister, all give way here, to an omnipresent yet evanescent sense of mystery and fascination for the female figure of a mother. This mother who so loved the color red. Her daughter has chosen to translate this into black and white.

 Laura Serani, extract 






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Chieko Shiraishi  Shikawatari

Chieko Shiraishi brings us photographs taken in the depths of winter on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The exhibition Shikawatari (Deer Crossing) consists of poetic images of wild animals and snowy landscapes.

While travelling through the wilderness in Dōtō, I encountered a herd of deer crossing the frozen lake in a row, silently. While gazing at the herd, I found a providential, beautiful law of nature, and I felt as though I had witnessed something sacred which is a part of nature. The wilderness of “Dōtō” provides a feeling of oneness with the majestic natural world that I had never before experienced.

Chieko Shiraishi

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John Claridge  A Vision of India

John Claridge is back at Mind’s Eye to offer us a fifth solo exhibition, this time on India in the early seventies. A Vision of India presents striking street scenes and evocative landscapes. No hint in these photographs of modern India, nor of the spiritual India shown us recently by  Caroline Abitbol. As in his earlier exhibitions of former boxers, of the East End of London, and of miners, the photographer’s empathy for the common people is evident. The graphic style favoured by John Claridge strengthens the impact of these images.

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Adrian Bondy and Dan Hayon  WYSIWYG

What You See Is What You Get

Dan Hayon presents 'Small stories of no great importance', arrays of nine images full of his characteristic humour. Adrian Bondy shows blowups of Parisian café scenes from the eighties. These blowups are 'reconfigurations' of photographs in arrays of twelve images, obtained by means of mathematical techniques.











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Antoine Fumat  After the Rain

This body of work in colour comprises landscapes, interiors, and other scenes, often captured at daybreak or nightfall, all the fruit of contemplation and reflection. It is the first photographic exhibition of video artist Antoine Fumat.


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Caroline Abitbol  Là ou l'Éternité est une évidence

Caroline Abitbol’s photographs are impregnated with a sensibility and delicacy which are perfectly in resonance with her subject, eternal India; an India which coexists with that modern land of impressive technological advances. Her images offer us snatches of an ancient culture and way of life which are nevertheless still present. She captures attitudes and gestures which speak eloquently of those traditions. Even her images of crows, of donkeys, of fishing boats are imbued with a feeling of timelessness, of eternity.


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Christian Poncet  Le songe des rives

Taken around Lakes Annecy, Le Bourgey, Léman, and at the seaside, the pinhole camera images in the exhibition Le songe des rives (Dream of the shores) focus mainly on unusual structures that Christian Poncet records as sculptures, always in harmony with their environment.

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Carlos Barrantes  Beyond the horizon

Beyond the horizon speaks of that nonexistent line, the frontier between our existence and that of our imagination, where a dialogue between the real and the illusory is established. From a voyage abroad to the search for ourselves, where what is important is not the destination but the experience. A place where the softness of water becomes the hardness of stone, where movement merges with calm. 

Through an infinite journey, by distancing us from what is close to us, Beyond the horizon brings us back invariably to the point of departure.

Carlos Barrantes

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Dan Hayon  9 x 9 x 33

Surrealism is back. Dan Hayon’s little jewels, borrowed photos (sometimes from himself), transformed, belong in a world apart, infused with imagination, invention and humour. But is the artist really Dan Hayon? Or perhaps Ona Haydn, or Yan Honda? We will never know, and it is of no importance.

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François Delandre  Mémoires d'Outre-Terre

François Delandre’s photographic itinerary gives one to see that photography neither reveals nor paints reality, but transforms and transfigures it. This detaching of elements, of buildings, of landscapes, transforms them into timeless sculptures, objects captured and offered for our contemplation as visual creations, strange and aesthetic works of art, suspended in time. 

The patina of time is provided by transparences, by half-lights, variations of blacks and whites, by marks and scratches inscribed into the image itself. As in an illuminated manuscript, these scratchings link photography to other arts such as engraving and drawing.

These memories of “far-off” lands bring us the poetic calligraphy of a regard, lead us to where all is repose, silence and serenity.

Marie-Christine Labat

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John Claridge  The Miners

John Claridge returns to Mind’s Eye for a fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, this time on mines and miners in Yorkshire and Wales. His graphic prints suit the subject matter perfectly.

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02-01-2018 - 06-01-2018

Colette Pourroy  Ève reincarnated

Colette Pourroy continues her poetic exploration of her personal life. Following the series on her father, shown at the Centre IRIS in 2013, and that on her life as a couple, exhibited at the Little Big gallery and at the Paris Photo Month in 2014, she pursues this exploration with a moving series on her sister Ève, part of which was shown at Mind’s Eye in 2015.

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Masaki Yamamoto  At Home

This young photographer, already in the collections of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, paints a moving and striking portrait of his own family at home.

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Mind's Eye fête ses cinq ans

Mind’s Eye / Galerie Adrian Bondy opened in September 2012 with the exhibition Visages/Paysages by Ray Renolds. In the course of five years, we have welcomed eighteen photographers for twenty solo exhibitions as well as two group exhibitions. We are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the gallery with a retrospective bringing together 36 of the most memorable works presented in the gallery.

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Adrian Bondy   Puerto Príncipe

Puerto Príncipe est le nom que portait autrefois la ville de Camagüey, troisième plus grande ville de Cuba dont le centre historique est reconnu patrimoine mondial par l'UNESCO. Il est par ailleurs le nom d'une banlieue relativement aisée de la ville.

Pendant un séjour de six semaines, début 2017, dont un mois dans cette banlieue, Adrian Bondy a sillonné et photographié la ville et ses habitants. Cette exposition est le fruit de ses explorations,rencontres et découvertes. 

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04-04-2017 - 29-04-2017affiche_pavy_japon70.jpg

Claude Pavy  Japon 70

I discovered Japan in 1972, during a tour as musician. One month without too much moving around and with days off, which allowed me to take full advantage of my time there.

It was a revelation concerning the art and richness of this very distinctive civilisation. To such an extent that, once back in Paris, I threw myself into everything I could find about Japan.

Some time afterwards, I met a Japanese woman in Paris, began to learn Japanese, and in 1976 and 1977 took holidays in Japan to meet my future in-laws. This enabled me to discover the real Japan from the inside, beyond the superficial clichés, far more interesting and warm.

These images are an echo of those special moments.


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06-12-2016 - 24-12-2016affiche_paysages.jpg

Group exhibition   Paysages / Landscapes


Eleven of our gallery artists present their visions and interpretations of the landscape: rural landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, imaginary landscapes. By day or by night, in all seasons, in various countries: Japan, Russia, France, China, United States, England, Wales. Images to reflect upon peacefully in these unpredictable times, to say the least.








08-11-2016 - 26-11-2016affiche_shiraishi.jpg

Chieko Shiraishi  Shimakage

Usagi-jima (Rabbit Island), Saru-shima (Monkey Island), Iruka-jima (Dolphin Island)... there are a number of islands with animal names here in Japan. Whenever I encounter another one, I feel the urge to travel.
One of my earliest memories is a hazy one of having visited Penguin Island. Every now and then, during one of these expeditions to an island, I try to recall the scenery of that early trip; but they would only be conjured in the vaguest way, like the landscape of some fantastical picture.
From aboard the ship, the silhouette of the island is foggy, and flickers in and out of sight among the waves. Appearing far in the distance and then seemingly nearer, it remains somehow beyond reach. Penguin Island, emitting faint signals in my memory, is a Phantom Island. It is there yet, wavering, drifting, in the far reaches of obscured memory.


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20-09-2016 - 08-10-2016affiche_bodinier.jpg

Régis Bodinier  Traces

Traces is an ongoing photographic project focusing mainly on the urban environment and, more particularly, on the traces left by the passage of time and the consequent transformations in Chinese culture, heritage and society…. A look at this world gleaned from walks, encounters, and  simply from reflections on what this country tells us about the changes in our time.

This long-term photographic work evokes the final moments of neighbourhoods prior to their destruction or transformation, the changes in lifestyle, the place of the old and new generations in emptying villages… It poses the question of the future of a society in the face of galloping development.


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John Claridge  East End

John Claridge began documenting the East End at the tender age of fifteen, with a remarkably sure eye. A book of these photographs came out recently. On this occasion, we are presenting an exhibition of thirty images from the book: the port of London cloaked in mist, its warehouses, cranes and bridges, small local shops, nearly bare butchers’ shops, neighbours, friends, some of dubious integrity, appealing urchins, dockworkers, beggars. John Claridge will be present at the gallery to sign his book. Not only is he an outstanding photographer, he is also a master printer, exploiting to perfection the grain inherent in film. His digital prints resemble timeless engravings. East End is his third exhibition at Mind’s Eye, following Out of Shadows in 2014 and The Hardest Game in 2015.

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11-05-2016 - 25-06-2016


Benoit Sabourdy  Fragmentations Singulières

Benoit Sabourdy's images have strong links with chance and are without doubt the closest to the spirit of Mind's Eye of all the photographs that we have had the pleasure to exhibit in the gallery so far. They often involve a strange sort of geometry, a geometry describing spaces of indeterminate dimension and form, to which one must inevitably adjoin the element of time. David Hockney's photo-collages also encapsulate both space and time, although in a totally different manner.

This artistic approach falls naturally within the realm of the history of photography. Already in the middle of the nineteenth century, pioneers such as William Henry Fox Talbot and Julia Margaret Cameron claimed chance as an essential element in their work. Fox Talbot was aware that a photographic scene might well include entities not foreseen by the photographer and which occasionally enriched the resulting picture. As for Cameron, she deliberately took less care than necessary in preparing her photographic plates and voluntarily blurred the main subjects of her photographs in order to afford chance a nontrivial input in the end result. She sought in this way to distinguish herself from the commercial photographers of the day, for whom perfect sharpness was the ideal.

At the visual level, Benoit Sabourdy's photographs have clear precursors in the New Vision movement of the twenties and early thirties. One might mention Moï Ver and Alexander Rodchenko and also, for certain images, Heinz Hajek-Halke, Jean Dréville, Maurice Tabard, André Kertész... This said, Benoit Sabourdy's modus operandi is quite distinct and original because he frequently employs the technique of multi-exposure rather than superposition, thereby obtaining images less constructivist than surrealist, images leaving a large place to the spectator's imagination.

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09-03-2016 - 23-04-2016


Michel Dambrine  Ephémères

The images that Michel Dambrine offers us are akin to strange, imaginary landscapes over which floats the shadow of man. Although everything in this world is necessarily ephemeral, it is a matter here of objects and scenes whose existence is visibly precarious, temporary.

In the vernacular of photography, the poster is often a bearer of signs, interacting with its immediate environment. Dambrine's torn poster is an entity in itself, like Brassai's graffiti or Aaron Siskind's cracked paint. His posters resemble collages, or rather décollages, creations of the elements and of time, in which fragments of faces are marooned, helpless. A storm, a gust of wind, an absent or wilful hand, might well upset the fragile equilibrium of these discoveries. Yet more ephemeral are the plays of sunlight, clearly transitory. The parking photographs, with their intense, blinding shafts of light, are chilling geometric landscapes worthy of Dante ...Abandon all hope, you who enter here...

The undulating landscapes of fabrics, illuminated by ribbons of light which resemble streaks of lightning, are equally dramatic, but these images are inviting rather than menacing due to their downy setting.

The works presented are drawn from three series of photographs, Lacérés (1980-1984), Chambres (begun in 1984), and Parkings (1988).

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11-11-2015 - 19-12-2015

Tamiko Nishimura  Shikishima

The title of this exhibition, Shikishima, echoes that of the artist’s first collection of photographs, published in 1973 and reissued with asupplement in 2013. The exhibition brings together a selection of images from that book and also from the 2012 book Eternal Chase which featuresfurther photographs from the same period. The word Shikishima is used in waka poetry to designate Yamato, or Japan. There emanates from these photographs, occasionally out of focus or hastily composed, a sense of spontaneity and youthful liberty.

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23-09-2015 - 31-10-2015

John Claridge  The Hardest Game

My dad was a bare-knuckle fighter in the 30’s, among many other things, in the dock area of the East End of London.  He also fought in New York in the 30’s. When I was a kid I wanted to take some pictures of him and told him I'd make him look good. He told me to take a hard picture of him, adding “Don’t look at the lines, look deeper. A lot of living and a bit of suffering went into how I look. Don’t forget that.” I’ve tried not to in the following pictures.


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06-05-2015 - 27-06-2015

Colette Pourroy   Espaces intérieurs

One of the principal attributes of Colette Pourroy's images lies in their delicate and subtle interplay between light and shade. The photographs evoke, in an implicit and intimate manner, the artist's close family, including herself. They are redolent with mystery, with secrets, and consequently possess a universal character where each and every one can plunge into his or her own personal story. The exhibition comprises nearly thirty silver prints in square format.


07-01-2015 - 28-02-2015

Anton Bulyonov   Chimeras

Grotesquely twisted trees, askew silhouettes of animals lurking in shadows, birds frozen in the air, a man walking close by, silent - there is always life on the periphery of the eye, just take a closer look. One has only to turn and these looms vanish, but, a few moments later, appear in a new place and in a new form. Imagination plays a strange game, showing different chimeras each time. Scary and beautiful, they attract the attention but avoid the eye. The bizarre beauty of these mirages is elusive and the only way to fix them is to press the camera button.


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12-11-2014 - 20-12-2014

Shōkō Hashimoto   Japon Rural, Années 70


The exhibition comprises two themes.


Goze is the name given to blind women who, in order to survive, were obliged, during their whole life, summer and winter, to wend their way from village to village, guided by a sighted woman. At each stop, they played the shamisen, a three-stringed Japanese instrument akin to the banjo, sang traditional airs, or performed musical dramas. This tradition, which had existed for over four hundred years, drew to a close in the nineteen seventies. Over a period of one year, in 1972-73, Shōkō Hashimoto went on the road with a trio of members of the Nagaoka group of goze, to share and record their nomadic way of life.

Nishiyama Onsen

Also in the seventies, Shōkō Hashimoto documented the communal life of Nishiyama Onsen, a hot spring frequented by the older generation, both men and women, who bathed in the nude, sang, took their meals, and partied together for a week or a month.


Accompanying the photographs is a short video, produced by François Tisseyre of Atelier EcoutezVoir, of Shōkō Hashimoto singing some traditional goze songs. 

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24-09-2014 - 08-11-2014

affiche_bondy.jpgAdrian Bondy   Escales Mathématiques / Mathematical Stopovers

In my life as a mathematician, I travelled frequently for talks, conferences, and research collaborations. These stays, long or short, offered me the opportunity to record with my Leica my impressions of other ways of life: in China, Barbados, Sicily, Brazil, ... Having already presented the work of a number of photographers whose images I appreciate, I decided to  take the plunge and show a selection of the photographs culled during my mathematical travels.









07-05-2014 - 05-07-2014

affiche_claridge.jpgJohn Claridge   Out of Shadows / Sorti des Ombres

Two aspects of the photographers work are shown.

One Hundred Photographs

A selection of images drawn from the photographer's 1988 book One Hundred Photographs. The photographs were taken on his travels around the world, and show diverse locations and subjects: jazz musicians, American Indians, slate mines, prisons, still lifes, ...

East London

The earliest of these photographs, which represent the period 1959-1986, were taken when John Claridge was only 15 years old, while growing up in London’s East End. Some were exhibited at the photographer's first one-man show, when 17, at the McCann-Erickson Gallery in London. As with Belleville-Menilmontant, the subsequent development of the East End of London has inevitably imbued these images with nostalgia.

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19-02-2014 - 26-04-2014

affiche_portraits.jpgExposition collective      Au Confluent d'un Rêve et d'une Réalité 

The title of this exhibition is inspired by Georges Perec’s notion of the portrait as expressed in his novel La vie mode d'emploi. The goal of the exhibition is to present  the photographic portrait in all its diversity: studio and street portraits, posed and candid portraits, solo and group portraits, portraits de the famous and the unknown, early and contemporary portraits, signed and anonymous portraits.

In order to complement and complete the quite varied images of six contemporary photographers (Jérôme Barbosa, Adrian Bondy, Philippe Gabel, Claude Pavy, Ray Renolds, Marianne Touchard-Heyman), a few early photographs will be displayed: a fine portrait of Gide by Albin-Guillot, a large and impressive outdoor portrait of a Scottish family, an autographed portrait of the futurist Marinetti, a studio portrait of a young American Indian in ceremonial garb, a surrealistic image from the thirties by the Belgian photographer Lauwaert, an official portrait by Karsh of John Buchan while Governer General of Canada, and a strange and disturbing image by Meatyard.

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20-11-2013 - 21-12-2013

08-01-2014 - 18-01-2014 

Takehiko Nakafuji    Enter the Mirror

Takehiko Nakafuji has produced several monochrome photography books from travels in Japan, Eastern Europe, Russia and Cuba. This exhibition is drawn from two of these books, Enter the Mirror, published in 1997, and the very recent Sakuan, Matapaan: Hokkaido, for which he was awarded the Special Photographer Award at the Higashikawa International Photography Festival in August 2013. 



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09-10-2013 - 16-11-2013


Jérôme Barbosa    Ni Vu Ni Connu

Jérôme Barbosa is a young photographer living in Paris. In order to nourish his photographic projects, he has travelled widely,in Eastern Europe, Armenia, Greece, Portugal, ... Nadrupe, his grandparents' village in Portugal, was the object of a long-term project, spread over eight years. This work was shown in September 2013 at the BarrObjectif (Charente) photo festival. In Paris, he has shown an interest in the life of illegal immigrants, and has also made a series of portraits of artists working at the Atelier de Non-Faire (a studio attached to a psychiatric hospital near Paris). Very recently, he began a very promising project making portraits of people living along the diagonale du vide (an underpopulated strip of France running from the North-East to the South-West).

For several years now, Jérôme Barbosa has also practised drawing. He is self-taught. We present the fruits of these two activities. The photographs, gleaned in a number of European countries, belong mainly to the humanist movement. The drawings, by contrast, exhibit a very personal view of life, marked by a delicate touch and black humour.

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15-05-2013 - 29-06-2013


Jean Dréville    L'Energie Ciné Photo Graphique  —  du Pictorialisme à la Nouvelle Vision

The film maker Jean Dréville experienced in his youth, between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, an intense period of creativity as photographer, graphic artist, founder and publisher of magazines on photography and the cinema (to which he contributed many reviews, photographs, and graphics) and also as cameraman and documentary film director. 
This exhibition, presented in collaboration with his daughter, the actress Valérie Dréville, and the photographer Thierry Baïze, includes vintage prints and also a number of modern prints made from glass plates.

We exhibit original photogrammes made from his documentary When the Ears of Corn Bend Over, and also photogrammes  - the only ones that remain  -  of a documentary on the production of creosote (a film commanded by Joris Ivens), a reportage at Gymnase Pons in Paris for the revue Jazz, photos from the film-set of Jean Epstein's The Fall of the House of Usher with Marguerite Gance, photos of Old Paris (the first photographic works by Jean Dréville), and several experimental images (superpositions, juxtapositions, ... ).

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16-01-2013 - 09-02-2013

Claude Pavy    Moments Singuliers de la Vie Ordinaire

Images that are often nostalgic, whether they be from yesterday or today, always viewed with a tender yet precise eye. A professional musician, Claude Pavy plays with virtuosity the entire range of shades from white to black, tones which suit his subjects to perfection.

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affiche_deherder.jpg31-10-2012 - 15-12-2012

Dirk De Herder     Dirk De Herder 1914-2003

Fine prints made by this established Dutch photographer, relatively unknown in France, whose humanist vision recalls Boubat, Brassai, Kertesz, or Ronis. All the prints come from the photographer's family archives.

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15-09-2012 - 06-10-2012affiche_renolds.jpg

Ray Renolds     Visages/Paysages

A selection of portraits from the artist's professional portfolio, several works emanating from a project completed in Sussex, and a variety of images made during his roamings in France.