François Delandre

Born in the spring of 1960 at Enghien-les-Bains, François Delandre lives and works in Paris. Very early on, he took an interest in the photographic image, indeed in all visual representations. A graduate of the École Nationale des Arts et Industries Graphiques Estienne, he worked in publishing and advertising for some twenty years as artistic director. Attached to the “memory” of places, he then responded to the siren call of photography, inspired mainly by black and white. Since the late 1900s, he has developed a passion for line engraving. This motivated a desire to rework his negatives with the aid of his engraver’s tools. Since 2008, he has taught sketching and observational drawing at the Institut E-artsup in Paris.


Black and white transforms one’s vision, leading one beyond the bare reality. Thinking in black and white obliges one to concentrate on the composition, on its main lines, on its contrasts. My photographer’s eye and my graphic designer’s sense of spacial organisation are thereby united. To me, being a photographer implies travel. Armed with my camera, I can capture what I see while trying to keep in balance the constructions which are presented before me. It is the fact of a moment,  nothing foreseen or decided in advance. A pure instant, snatched from time, from light. And ultimately, just as with etching, it is the chemistry which reveals the chosen moment, its essence and its uniqueness.

François Delandre


François Delandre’s photographic itinerary gives one to see that photography neither reveals nor paints reality, but transforms and transfigures it. His journey as an artist is a call to interpret the world as an architecture, an urbanism, a nature reccomposed by the eye, an initiatory voyage via depth of field and the rigour of lines towards a twilight universe...

Often, his eye captures or isolates an element, a geometric construction, a quality of light. This detaching of elements, of buildings, of landscapes, transforms them into timeless sculptures, objects captured and offered for our contemplation as visual creations, strange and aesthetic works of art, suspended in time. In this universe where deep blacks predominate, the brighter elements give the impression of being stopped in place, in movement, in time.

This suspension of time invites the spectator to contemplation and to pursue a dreamlike journey  leading  towards unknown lands, strange and immobile. The patina of time is provided by transparences, by half-lights, variations of blacks and whites, by marks and scratches inscribed into the image itself. As in an illuminated manuscript, these scratchings link photography to other arts such as engraving and drawing.

These memories of “far-off” lands bring us the poetic calligraphy of a regard, lead us to where all is repose, silence and serenity.

Marie-Christine Labat




Expositions personnelles

2012Galerie l'Atelier Valencin,  Paris.

2009 : Galerie l'Atelier Valencin,  Paris.

2009 : Galerie Bruno Hébert, Paris.

2003 : Journées du Patrimoine, Hôtel de Ville et Centre Culturel, La Courneuve.

Expositions collectives

2015 : Galerie La Production Autre, Parcours photographique Are you experiencing ?, 8e édition, Le Havre.

2013 : Parcours photographique Are you experiencing ?, 7e édition, Le Havre (invité d'honneur, Bernard Plossu).

2012 : Galerie Charlet Photographies, Fotofever, Bruxelles.

2012: Cabinet d'architecture Bettinger-Desplanques, Are you experiencing ?, 4e édition, Le Havre.

2010 : Festival de Pescara, Italie

2009 : Parcours photographique Are you experiencing ?, 3e édition, Le Havre.

2009 : Charlet-photographies, Salon Europ'art 09, Genève.

2009 : Charlet-photographies, Rencontres Photographiques, Arles.

2009 : Charlet-photographies, Festival International de Pingyao, Chine.

2009 : Little Big Gallery, Paris.

2008 : Charlet-photographies, Galerie du Centre Iris, Paris. 

2007 : Rencontres Leica, Espace Commines, Paris.

2006 :"Art Photo Collectif", Salon "Comparaisons 2006" (dans le cadre d'Art en Capital), Grand Palais, Paris.

2003 : 2ème Salon de l'Image "Mémoires & identités", Romainville


Site du magazine Vis à Vis International, octobre 2008.

Première série des "Photogravées", Le Monde 2, août 2007.


Journées du Patrimoine,  La Courneuve, 2003

Agences et sites web

Millenium Images, Londres



François Delandre

62, rue du Mont-Cenis 75018 Paris

01 42 54 87 23 / 06 42 13 72 77