Jérôme Barbosa

Born in 1978, Jérôme Barbosa turned towards photography early in 2000, following literary studies at the Sorbonne. He worked for a while as a printer with the professional photolab Demi-Teinte and also as archivist for the English fashion photographer Steve Hiett. In 2007, he spent three months in Athens in order to follow the community of drug addicts living in the city centre. The resulting photographs were published in the Greek magazine Kathimerini in 2007 and exhibited at the Barrobjectif photo festival in 2012. It was in the autumn of 2010 that he was one of those picked out for their work on Eastern Europe and Athens by the producers of the film Parlez-moi de vous, starring Karin Viard. He joined the film crew and became set photographer. At the same time, he continued work on a project, begun in 2003, about his grandparents' village in Portugal, as well as his exploration of former member countries of the Socialist bloc. In 2012, the American magazine Un<>Cut published his reportage on the Atelier du Non-Faire. Jérôme Barbosa works regularly with the comic strip publisher Cornélius. Currently, he is preparing a project on the diagonale du vide (an underpopulated diagonal line across France).