Mind's Eye  

Mind's Eye is a French non-profit association founded in 2010 with the aim of reflecting on the links between the creative processes inherent in photography and mathematics. The Association intends to achieve this goal by promoting discussions amongst members on themes common to the two disciplines. These, as well as other events and exhibitions, on either photography or mathematics, are held on a regular basis at Galerie Adrian Bondy.


The new exhibition at Mind's Eye, Fragmentations Singulières, presents black and white silver prints by Benoit Sabourdy - his very first personal exhibition. Benoit Sabourdy makes use of techniques of multi-exposure and superposition to create his images. Strongly tied to chance, these photographs are undoubtedly the closest to the spirit of Mind's Eye of all those that we have had the pleasure to exhibit in the gallery so far. They often involve a strange sort of geometry, a geometry describing spaces of indeterminate dimension and form, to which one must inevitably adjoin the element of time. The exhibition continues until June 25, 2016.

On Saturday June 4, we had the pleasure of welcoming to the gallery about twenty members of the association Gens d'Images.